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You can submit a free classified advertisement in this section by e-mail. Your ad will be placed on line during the next update and will remain on-line for 4 weeks. If the item is not sold and you wish to continue the listing, you must send notification via email to ensure continued listing. If continuation is not requested, the ad will be removed without further notice. The listing can be renewed as many times as you like, at no charge, on a space-available basis. You may request changes to your ad during the time it is on-line.

If you sell an item please notify LewisFirst by e-mail so that your ad can be removed or marked as sold.

This free offer may be discontinued, or the terms may be modified, at any time. However, you will never be charged for a listing without your consent.

Free listings are accepted only by email. Listings in writing will be accepted at a cost of $4.00 for the initial posting with no charge for continued listing. Payable by cash or check only. Send to Affordable Technical Solutions, PO Box 161, Glenfield, NY 13343.

Enhanced listings with a linked details page are available for $10 per month, payable in advance.

Compose your ad as follows:

Your ad may contain up to 40 words. Use all capitals for the first few words to clearly define your item. PLEASE check your spelling, grammar, and punctuation before submitting. Do not bother with any fancy formatting as it will not be transferred to the actual listing on the classified page. Make sure that you include contact information such as phone number and e-mail. You can use the address of your web site if you have one, UNDER THE FOLLOWING CONDITION: If you want to link to your site, you MUST add a link somewhere on your site to the LewisFirst main page.(http://www.lewisfirst.com/)

Submissions not meeting the above guidelines or requiring extensive editing to be presentable will be rejected.

Your ad may be edited for space or clarity, or rejected if the content is deemed inappropriate.

LewisFirst is not responsible for accuracy of item descriptions, etc. Free listings are provided as a convenience only. LewisFirst is not liable for any consequences of transactions facilitated by postings on this site.

LewisFirst makes no warrenties and assumes no liability of any kind for ads placed on this site, and is under no obligation to place ads or maintain them for any particular time period.. By submitting an ad, you automatically agree to all the terms of this offer.

SUBMIT YOUR AD TODAY! Send your information by e-mail.

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