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2013-2014 History

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= Thursday November 27: All the snow from last week melted. High temperature was 63° on Monday. The ground is not frozen at all. About an inch of wet snow fell overnight.

= Sunday November 23: Freezing rain yesterday changing to rain with lots of rain overnight. Serious melting today. Sunny in the morning with a high of 48°.

= Friday November 21: Another 6" overnight.

=Thursday November 20: A few more inches of snow overnight and this morning. 32° at 11 AM. This morning's National Weather Service briefing predicts a lot more snow tonight

I went for a snowmobile ride yesterday from Glenfield to Brantingham on seasonal roads. There's enough snow if you go slow and stay on roads, but there is not enough to cover rocks, etc.

It's possible to ride seasonal roads but unfortunately trails on private land are generally not open until December 8 or 15 depending on location and landowner preference. This limits the amount of riding that can be done.

= Wednesday November 19: Approximately 10" new snow overnight. 25° and sunny at 10 AM.

= Tuesday November 18: As of 2:30 there is insignificant snow in Glenfield. About an inch overnight but no additional. However there is nautically more in Lowville. There has been a strong gusty wind all day. Heading north from Lowville to the transfer station I encountered a couple of near whiteouts. It has been mostly clear and sunny here but the sky is gray to the north of Lowville. This is consistent with the National Weather Service briefing which predicts a lot of lake effect snow across Jefferson today, with the band shifting to northern Lewis tonight.

= Monday November 17: Heavy wet snow overnight and this morning. Too warm for much accumulation so far. Temperature 36° at 4 PM. First plow down the street today. The forecast through Friday looks bad. Temperature dropping. Highs next 4 days only 25°-30° with some LE snow. Poor driving conditions expected.

= Friday November 14: 30° at 9 AM. Partly to mostly cloudy. Low 24° overnight. This is the first morning that there is snow on the ground. Snow was in the air all day Thursday but the temperature was in the mid 30's. It did not start sticking in the valley until about 6 PM but there was little accumulation overnight. Trees, grass, cars are covered but paved and bare dirt surfaces are mostly clear.

This is a huge change from the beginning of the week. Monday and Tuesday were much more like early fall with sun and highs in the 60's on Tuesday.

= Sunday November 9: Friday night low was below freezing and high Saturday was only 39°. No snow in the valley but when I went to the Brantingham Snomads meeting Saturday morning there as a dusting on the trees and in the woods. At noon Sunday it is overcast with occasional light drizzle. The temperature has remained near 38° for the past 24 hours.

= Friday November 7: While the high temperature was an unseasonably warm 64° on Tuesday, each subsequent day was 10~15 degrees colder. The high today was only 36° and there was snow in the air part of the afternoon. Report from my UPS driver was that it was sticking on the hill, although I didn't see any in Turin later in the afternoon. While I've not seen any snow, frost, or ice on the ground yet in Glenfield, I think that will change tomorrow morning because the overnight low is predicted to be 23°, the coldest so far.

= Thursday October 23: Big change from last week. A week ago Tuesday it was sunny with temperatures in the high 70's. Definitely felt like summer. Wednesday was overcast but still very warm. Thursday a little cooler but still unseasonably warm until late afternoon. Nights were also warm. But that started to change by the weekend. The Monday morning low was 31° and the high was only about 40°. It really felt like winter was coming. The rest of the week lows have been above 40° and highs near 50° with rain on and off. Leaves are mostly off the trees. No frost observed here yet but the cool-down towards winter has definitely begun.

= Friday October 10: A mix of sun, clouds, and rain all week, much cooler overall, but still some pleasant weather in the afternoons. There is still some fall color left.

= Monday October 6: There was a distinct change in the weather over the weekend. Much colder with frost in some areas Sunday morning. Heavy rain on Saturday, some rain off and on Sunday, and a few showers Monday morning. Much cooler temperatures. It was sunny and clear this afternoon with a high of 64°. Fall color is past peak. Tops of trees are getting pretty bare so distant views are not that great but there is still some color and it is worth a trip if you like being outdoors.

= Tuesday September 30: Still Indian Summer here. Low 70's, not quite as hot as the weekend. Fall color is near peak and will be fading from this point. Very brilliant colors in the Adirondacks. More subdued yellows and browns in the Black River Valley. Get here now if you want to see color. Cold rainy weather predicted for the weekend.

= Thursday September 18: Light rain overnight, high today only 56°. I made the first fire in the wood stove today. There was no frost Sunday but tonight low temperatures are predicted to be at or below freezing. Still not a lot of fall color, but after the frost the change will accelerate.

= Sunday September 14: First frost advisory tonight! Lots of rain yesterday, cleared off today. Went to Kring Point State Park for the annual K2P ham radio picnic, postponed from yesterday due to really miserable weather. It was nice in the sun but cool in the shade.

= Wednesday September 10: High in the mid 70's and hazy sunshine today - a nice late summer day but it looks like this might be the last one. The forecast for the next 10 days shows high temperatures only in the low 60's at best and overnight lows in the low 40's, with periods of rain every couple of days. I guess it's time to close most of the windows at night. The slide in to fall has begun.

Fall color is just starting. Subtle changes can be seen in the valley but color is less than 5%. A little more brown and yellow can be seen with a few bright colors in the south central Adirondacks, but still less than 10% change in most places. The mountains are starting to take on a brownish tint, but if you're not paying close attention it still pretty much looks like summer. This will change rapidly with the cooler weather and decrease in daylight.

= Friday September 5: High temperature near 90° today. Still 78° and muggy at 9:30 PM. This is a very uncomfortable night, one of the worst of the entire summer. I'm not ready for winter cold yet but this is crazy.

Unfortunately it's one extreme to the other. As the front comes through the temperature will drop drastically. High Saturday and Sunday only 70° with lows in the 40's and even below 40° in the Adirondacks Sunday night. One week from this Saturday, the predicted high is only 59° That is way too cool for the second week of September.

The first Brantingham Snowmobile Club meeting of the season is Saturday September 13, 10 AM at the groomer barn.

Some trees are beginning to change color, a hint of things to come; but mostly it still looks like summer. The corn is high and sweet corn is available in abundance.

= Friday June 13: The last few day have been cool and rainy. I used the time to continue cleaning out my shop, finishing up customer repairs, and refurbishing used computers to sell.

I need to clear out my inventory of used computers and to do it I will be marking down the prices dramatically. The problem with this is it results in basically giving away the hardware and barely making 'minimum wage' on my labor. I'd probably be better off just tossing everything in the recycle bin but I hate seeing good equipment go to waste.

After periods of heavy rain the last day and a half, the sun came out at about 3 PM and it started to get warm and muggy. I had planned to head to the Moose River Plains and camp overnight because I will be doing radio communications for the Black Fly Challenge mountain bike race on Saturday, but even if there is no more rain the rest of the day, I think it will be way too wet to camp and the bugs will be pretty bad.

= Saturday May 24: After a couple of cool rainy days, it looks like it may warm up for a while. Mosquitos are starting to appear, and some black flies up in the woods.

I went to the vintage snowmobile show at the fairgrounds in Lowville today. Some interesting machines and lots of parts. Sorry, I didn't take any pictures.

= Wednesday May 14: It ihas been hot most of the past week. 86° today. The weather forecast has been indicating possible rain but most days it has been hot and mostly sunny. Went to the Central Hotel in Glenfield and had a great dinner.

= Friday May 9: 83° and hazy sun today. Went for a good hike and a "swim" in the Independence River (again just enough to cool/wash off). this evening it feels like I was out on a summer day. Not looking forward to anything much hotter than this. Saw a few black flies today but not bad yet. Also saw the last remnant of snowbank under the pines at the Otter Creek Horse Trails assembly area entrance road.

= Thursday May 8: 74° and sunny at 1 PM. Spring is finally here, although the low Tuesday night was close to freezing. Trees budding, flowers blooming. No black flies or mosquitos yet but it won't be long. The occasional remnant of a snowbank can still be seen in a shaded area. Went to the Toe Path Trekkers Thursday Walk/Run and took my first "swim" in thie Moose River afterwards (in just long enough to wash off). I'm disabling the webcam for now but I may occasionally post updates or pictures.

= Wednesday April 30: April showers bring May flowers. At least the rain is keeping the fire danger low before things green up. Starting to se buds on the trees. There are still remnants of snowbanks here and there in Brantingham and other higher elevations.

= Sunday April 20: A low of 31° overnight but warmed up to the low 60's by early afternoon. The last remnants of snow have disappeared from my yard, except on the shaded north side where there is about a foot left from what slid off the roof.

= Friday April 18: Snow is almost gone in the valley But there is a lot on Tug Hill. I snowmobiled 57 miles Friday afternoon. Met a couple other riders. Go to this post on trailconditions .com for pictures and description.

= Sunday April 12: The high today was 77° and it was 71° at 7 PM. I went cross country skiing this afternoon on the Carpenter Hill trails. My outing was cut short by boot failure but fortunately I effected a temporary repair and didn't have to walk out through the soft snow. There is generally 1-2 feet of snow in the woods with 4+ feet in the remainder of drifts along Seymore Road.

Afterwards I took a ride over to Tabolt Road and around to Gomer Hill Road to check out the snow conditions. All roads are bare of course, and surprisingly the dirt roads are much firmer than I expected. Looks like the seasonal road snowmobile trails still have a pretty good base so I may get one more ride in this week if I can find the time.

Saturday I went cross country skiing at Confusion Flats. There the snow ranged from 0-18". After the rain last night most of the open areas are probably bare, but I'm sure there is still snow in the woods.

Friday I drove up to Confusion Flats, unloaded the snowmobile and rode in to Stoney Lake. My intention was to go all the way to 10 Mile Crossing Road, but the new section of the Mount Tom trail was pretty much all mud so I turned around, came back, and rode around the various roads and trails in Confusion Flats. I estimate I probably went 50 miles.

If you aren't too concerned about how far you go, this late season

= Thursday April 10: Sunny day, high 62°. Today was the first day there was significant grass showing in the neighbor's yard. Mine is still snow covered. I went snowmobiling around Brantingham and Confusion Flats yesterday. All trails were excellent. Most places I stepped off the packed trail the snow was knee deep. I didn't get out again today as planned, but I did go snowshoeing at 4 PM in Confusion Flats. Snow levels have gone down but there was still a foot or so in most places.

= Tuesday April 8: I returned last night from a couple of days in the Adirondacks (Lake Pleasant area). I snowmobiled 80 miles on Sunday and 40 miles yesterday. Lakes were all good, no slush or standing water. Trails varied from near perfect to dirt.

There was at least a foot and a half of snow in most places off trail. No doubt there was at least that much on Tug Hill.

Rain started late Monday, mixed with snow in Lake Pleasant, Piseco, and Morehouse at 8 PM. It changed to all rain as I headed to lower elevations. It was heavy at times overnight and there was some there was some thunder and lightening.

The valley is not ridable any longer, although on my drive south through Boonville on Sunday morning, it still looked as though it would be possible to ride along Rt. 12. However with warm sunshine, that snow rapidly started disappearing and it was a different story on the drive back Monday.

There are still riding opportunities to be had in higher elevations if you look, but the weather has taken a definite turn. The chipmunks are out in the Adirondacks, another sure sign of spring.

Today was the first day in a long time I wore sneakers to walk to the post office. The decrease in snowbanks between this afternoon and Sunday morning when I left was very noticeable. Grass is not showing in the yards yet, but the snow is starting to get thin and it won't be long before the remainders of big snowbanks in shaded areas are all that is left.

= Tuesday April 1: Early morning low was 23°. At 1:30 the temperature is 53°. Clear skies last night turned to overcast in the afternoon. This is limiting sun intensity somewhat but slow melting is still going on. Good weather for maple syrup production, not so good for snowmobile trails.

= Monday March 31: (3/31) I just returned from a 138 mile loop from Stillwater to the Thirsty Moose then over to Cranberry, Star Lake, Long Pond, back to Stillwater.

I rode across Stillwater Reservoir and it was mostly very good with a few slushy spots. Should be great for another day or so especially in the morning then the combination of sun and 50° will make it all slush.

The railroad was OK to Horseshoe Lake. A little more rail showing but 100% passable. I don't think it had been groomed since last Thursday when I was there last. I think all the clubs are done and really there isn't enough snow to groom it anyway. However it should be ridable for a couple day at least.

7A from Horseshoe towards SL2 was good but not nearly as great as Thursday.

It looked like Tupper Lake and Childwold Snow Packers may have groomed some trails since the rain/snow, maybe Saturday night, but most were a little bumpy or chewed up from warm weather weekend riding, except trail 79 which was absolutely perfect. No one had ridden it since the inch of snow on Saturday night.

Railroad at Childwold Station looked good but I just rode 79 to the RR and turned around and went back to C7C and up through Massawepie to the Thirsty Moose.

The Thirsty Moose is closing on April 6.

The Cranberry Lake Mountaineers had obviously groomed recently because all their trails I rode on were just about perfect.

The Long Pond club trails were also perfect all the way to Stillwater Road.

The only problems were the occasional rough spot where there was some water damage, but all those spots were passable without any problems.

Stillwater Road was marginal. Many almost bare sections. It will be shot pretty soon.

There is tons of snow but the daytime temperatures are going to be near 50° and it is going to be at least partly sunny.

If you can get there in the next couple of days, do it. The end is near.

= Sunday March 30: I rode from Glenfield to Lyons Falls and up the hill to North South Road. It was mostly good but I turned around at Fish Creek Road because it is bare. The field south of the Burdick's Crossing compressor station is filling up with water and it is starting to flood the trail. Trail looked good over to the River Valley Inn, but I got a report that the Burdick's Crossing Road / Sweeney Road area is pretty much all bare.

= Saturday March 29: Temperatures remained above freezing since Friday. High 44°. No additional precipitation during the day. However light intermittent drizle started in the evening and by 10 PM it was a steady rain.

At 2 PM I drove over to Eatonville Road and took short ride up Van Arnum (C8B), Catspaw Lake and Blueberry Trails (S79) to Kovach's, across Brantingham Lake and back down via the Erie Canal trail and Eatonville Road (C8A).

The trails were all good. The Kovach Trail (C7B) was a little rough but not bad. The lake is very slushy and not recommended. Roads are bare, sand, or snirt. Riders at Kovach's reported good trails from Old Forge.

The wonderful mid-winter conditions of Thursday are gone, but there is still a couple feet of snow in the woods and coverage on the trails I rode is still mostly excellent. On trail surfaces are pretty solid, but anything that was not packed before the rain is very soft. The snow is very heavy and you will likely get stuck if you venture off a trail.

= Friday March 28: The low overnight was 34°, about 30° higher than the previous night, and we had some wet snow. I did not observe heavy rain in Glenfield, but the there was intermittent light drizzle to moderate rain all day with temperatures in the 40's. Probability of precipitation decreases but the temperature will barely dip below freezing overnight and is not predicted to go much below freezing for any lengfht of time in the next weel. .

This looks like the beginning of the end. I expect trails will deteriorate very rapidly in the lower elevations. The snow is now very soft and any weekend traffic will really do major damage even if the rain and above freezing temperatures don't.

On Thursday I drove to Stillwater, unloaded, rode across the reservoir then up the railroad to Tupper Lake, then around Tupper Lake with a side trip back to the railroad, back to the village, explored local trails, rode to Piercefield, then what I assumed was a trail over to Childwold but turned around after 15 miles of heading north in high country on the wrong side of the Raquette River, and went back to Tupper. Then back down the railroad to Alt 7-S88- C7C through Massawepie to the Thirsty Moose then looped backC7C-S88-C7A back to the railroad, then back to Stillwater.

I rode 200 miles. All good except a few sections of rough local trail near Tupper and some non-existent or confusing signage and a map that was not exactly accurate.. Rails showing in a few spots but no problem. Bypassed the trestle near Tupper by riding across the river.

Trail and snow conditions were more like late February than late March, except a little warmer. It was snowing at the west end of Stillwater when I returned about 8 PM.

Conditions in the higher elevations won't deteriorate quite as fast as the valley, but unfortunately this was the last day of real winter conditions.

=Tuesday March 25: Monday night low 7°. Tuesday high 38°. Partially overcast in late morning, then clear and sunny. Starting about noon, I rode from Glenfield to Boonville, then to Hawkinsville/Adirondack SPort Center, then east on C7C to Otter Lake with some side trips on the way, then back via the railroad to Woodgate and back to Port Leyden on C8C.

All trails at higher elevations have excellent coverage. Trails in the Black River Valley are mostly good but C7C has some bare spots north of Cherry Street (the usual places around the edge of the field). C8C is well covered but rough (always seems to be lots of moguls on that trail).

I did not see much difference in snow or trail conditions between noon and 8 PM even though it was sunny and the high was 38°. Riding should be good Wednesday and Thursday, but then a few days of warm and sun or rain coupled with heavy traffic will likely take it's toll on the lower elevation trails. There is 2-3 feet of snow in the woods at higher elevations and the trail base looks good.


= Monday March 24: Sun in the morning but cold. Mixed sun. clouds and occasional snow in hte arfternoon. Low last night -1°. High 27°. No significant melting today.

I rode 85 miles. Boonville - Alder Creek - Penn Mountain - Westernville - Holland Patent - Alder Creek - Forestport and back to Boonville on the feeder canal towpath.

Everything at higher elevation is great. 3-4 feet of snow on the top of Penn Mountain at the old fire tower location. Boonville is holding up well and from observation while driving the trails in Port Leyden-Lyons Falls-Glenfield still are good.

Westernville in the valley is thin and Stittville-Holland Patent is very thin. Many bare spots. It will only take a day of above freezing and either sun or rain and those trails will be shot.

= Sunday March 23: Today was a great winter day. Sunny with a high temperature of 24°. Clear and 11° at 10 PM. Very nice riding. Trails are generally great. Snow on top did get softened up by the sun, but he only real melting would have been in open south-facing areas that were already very thin. I left my house around 11:30 and cae back at 9 PM. No evidence that anything melted. Still 2 feet of snow in my back yard. Up to 3-4 feet of snow in the woods some places on the Adirondack side. Haven't been to Tug Hill recently.

=Thursday March 20: As you may have guessed, I was away for a few days. Did some snowmobiling in the Adirondacks. It was cold and there was lots of snow.

The last couple of days have been warm with daytime temperatures well above freezing. The low Wednesday night was above freezing. We had some light rain but not much. It started snowing in the afternoon. I was up at the Oswagatchie Education Center on Long Pond for a Lewis County Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours meeting. It was basically all snow at higher elevations with about 3" accumulation when I left at 9 PM. Less in the valley but still about an inch.

= Thursday March 13: There was no significant additional snow overnight. Maybe another inch. Mostly blowing and drifting. Total accumulation about 12" and the snow has already settled and packed somewhat due to the initial warm temperatures yesterday and the wind. Temperatures steadily dropped yesterday and overnight. Low was 3° overnight. 8° and sunny at noon.

= Wednesday March 12: An inch of snow fell overnight and the snow intensified after 9 AM. Latest weather briefing from NWS Buffalo predicts up to 24" of snow in Lewis County.Binghamton NWS briefing predicts 14-18" Syracuse area. Temperature slowly falling all day. At 6 PM, 17° and 12" measured on my back steps.

= Tuesday March 11: The low Monday night was only 36° and there was some very light rain around midnight. At 9 AM it was partly sunny and already 40°. It was mostly sunny all day. The high was 52°. There was a lot of melting on any dark exposed surface. A beautiful day if you like to see snow melt, but not so good for snowmobilers.

Trails should still be generally good but any significant traffic probably chewed them up. South facing hillsides could be getting bare. The temperatures will drop significantly on Wednesday and Thursday and the impending storm should provide lots of new snow to work with. The latest National Weather Service briefings from Buffalo and Binghamton predict a lot of snow for Lewis County and much of central and northern New York.

= Monday March 10: About 1" of wet snow fell Sunday night, not enough to do much good. At 1:30 it is 42° and the new snow has melted off roads, cars, and all other exposed/raised/dark surfaces. Fortunately it is partly overcast which limits the impact of the higher temperatures.

The Weekly National Weather Service briefing predicts 10-14" of snow Tuesday night through Wednesday night!!

Saturday it was overcast in Glenfield and Brantingham, although other areas of the state were sunny. Although the high was over 40° there was no significant melting. Sunday was sunny but much colder. I only rode from Glenfield up to the Confusion Flats area. The snowbanks along the road are packed and ridable. Brantingham trails were very good to excellent but the corners are getting icy.

= Thursday March 6: Over the past few days we received a few inches of snow. It has generally been very cold with below zero lows and daytime highs mostly below freezing, but the clear skies and sun brought Thursday's high temperature to 38°. At midnight it was 15°. Main and secondary roads are mostly clear but even with the warm sun today, some parking lots and other areas which did not get plowed still retain some snow. I expect most of it will melt on Friday. There is a lot of snow on the ground and trail conditions should generally be good, but bare ground is beginning to show on some south and southwest facing hillsides.

= Thursday February 27: Once again it snowed all day but there doesn't seem to be that much accumulation. The high today was 23° and it was 5° at 9 PM.

It has been cold and snowing or at least overcast most of the time so there certainly has been no melting and roads are snow-covered. Watching out the window the last two days you'd think there would be at least a foot by now, but I measured only about 3" total over the last 2 days. It is heavier snow then expected considering that the temperatures have stayed way below freezing. It should make for good grooming and the trails should be pretty good.

= Wednesday February 26: (3:30 PM) There has been snow in the air all day but so far it has not amounted to much. The sun peeks out at times. It has been windy. The high was 15° earlier.

= Tuesday February 25: Very light snow falling at 10 PM. 14° The weekend weather was nice. Hiighs were around 40 in the valley but the snowpack held up fairly well. It was partly sunny Monday and Tuesday. Temperatures remained below freezing. No significant snow. Only about 1/2" in Glenfield Monday morning. Driveways, parking lots, and walks that didn't melt off completely are very icy. I have not been out on a trail inspection ride.

= Friday February 21: Steady rain all morning, heavy at times, tapered off somewhat at 2 PM. Sun actually came out later in the day. Temperature dropped to 35° at 11 PM. All the beautiful powder we had the beginning of the week has melted or compacted but there is still lots of snow. Big puddles of water in my driveway during the day. Ice underneath. Any packed snow is or will turn to ice if it has not melted to bare ground. Trails with a good base before the rain should be OK if not ridden much until it cools down, except there will be some flooding in low areas. Trails with marginal base or ice will be bare or ice. Corners will definitely be icy. Grooming should be possible on the hill since lows will be below freezing overnight. Clubs may wait until tomorrow. Pulling a drag through this wet stuff is really tough on equipment, and the snow is likely to just ball up and not groom well anyway. It will be better to let some some of the moisture drain off and wait until the temperatures will remain below freezing.

= Thursday February 20: No updates posted the beginning of the week because I rode from Glenfield to Lake Pleasant on Monday and back Wednesday. Trail conditions were mostly good to excellent. Unfortunately all that is about to change if the forecast holds. No precipitation today until about 5:30. Then some light rain which changed to wet snow. The temperature is forecast to rise in to the 40's overnight and 50 on Friday with 3/4 to 1 inch of rain. There is enough snow and it has been cold enough that trails would hold up to just warm temperatures for a day or so if there was no traffic, but heavy rain will be a major problem.

= Friday February 14: About 6" new snow from Thursday afternoon through Friday morning. 20° at 8 AM. Conditions should be good this weekend.

= Monday February 10: Friday and Saturday were really nice sunny days. Sunday started out sunny but turned partly cloudy. There was a little snow over night, but not enough to be significant. Monday was a mix of clouds and sun. Temperatures remained well below freezing throughout the period, although you can tell the sun is getting stronger because even though it was cold, there was melting on roads, cars, and and other dark surfaces. I rode some local trails on Friday, and rode up on Saturday to the Brantingham Snowmobile Club meeting where we discussed plans for the Brantingham Winterfest next weekend. I'm looking forward to the parade, open house, and second annual vintage ride on Saturday. I rode across the lake to Kovach Repair for some gas. Price was $4.79 for high test no ethanol. The lake was good with a little slush in spots. The club was out grooming all weekend and all the trails I rode were in excellent condition. I didn't much leave the Brantingham system except to go to Port Leyden on Saturday. That trail was passable but somewhat rough. 91 Octane no ethanol gas was $3.99 at Lock 96. Can't beat that price.

=Thursday February 6: I rode from Glenfield to Brantingham, to Steam Mill Road, Pine Lake, Big Otter Lake, Silvermine Trail, 10 Mile back to Partridgeville, Kovach trail and out to Blueberry, over Erie canal Trail, Eatonville and back to Glenfield. 50 miles of nice riding. Glenfield main trails were groomed nicely but the most fun was the backcountry trails from Steam Mill to Pine, Big Otter, etc. The snowbanks on Greig Road are ridable if you are willing to do a little 'technical' riding.


= Wednesday February 5: Heavy snow from mid-morning to mid-afternoon. I delayed going to an on-site printer repair that was scheduled in the morning and another customer postponed coming to pick up a computer due to the poor driving conditions.

However my customer realy need the printer fixed and the simple solution was to snowmobile down to Port Leyden to do it. How cool is that!

I left my house at about 5PM. The RR C5A/C7B to Lyons Falls was great. The base of the "new trail" 8C from Lyons Falls to Port Leyden was quite bumpy however there was so much new new snow that riding was just fine. When I left that job at about 7:30 there was an inch of snow on my snowmobiile. When I got back to Lyons Falls, the C7B trail to Turin had been freshly groomed.

I toipped off the gas at Stewarts, then went up C8B to North South Road, rode the seasonal roads for a little bit, and came back down to Lyons Falls. Then I headed back to Glenfield. Brantingham had already groomed the C7B RR trail and it was in great shape.

By 11 PM the snow had stopped in Glenfield. I measured a conservative average of 9" new snow. It is very nice fluffy snow, although not ideal for grooming. Don't expect trails to stay flat because the snow is too dry and cold. It is quite windy and theirr is considerable drifting, which will also create moguls. However the snow is soft and more snow is expected. Riding should be very good even if there are some bumps.

= Monday February 3: Uneventful day weather-wise. Low 19°, high 27°. Mostly overcast with some hazy sun. No snowfall but no melting. Trails should be good.

= Sunday February 2: No worries. Above freezing since last night, 35° today, but overcast. Not much melting except on roofs and roads, and no precipitation. Only real trail damage would be due to traffic but maybe a lot of people stayed home because of the Superbowl. At least we hope so.

At 6:45 PM, 30° and falling. Trails are going to groom and set up nicely overnight. Let's hope all clubs can get get as much done as possible because the moguls will set up just as hard as a flat trail.

= Saturday February 1: Rode over to Osceola/Cedar Pine for the world record snowmobile parade attempt. They only had about 500 snowmobiles, needed over 820 to break the record. Still was fun and at 500 x $10 entry fee it was not a bad fund raising event for the Osceola club. Very well organized except theyreally need mor publicity and they could have put out a few event signs at nearby intersections so people riding in who were unfamiliar with the area could find the place quickly.

On the way over in the morning, trails up from the valley were good but a little bumpy, Valley Snow Travelers trails like the old RR bed & North-South Road were near mint in the morning. Osceola trails were good but a little bumpy in spots.

After the event, we rode over to the Sportsmen with a couple people we met at the event, then back to Glenfield. Much rougher on the way back. C5C, C4K, C4A had almost constant 6-18" moguls. North South and the RR were not great but much better than trails from Osceola to Sportsmen. We cut across the Whetstone Reservoir which was in nice shape, stopped at the top of Whetstone Gulf, then went down Houseville Gulf which was fair, over to C5A to Burdick's Crossing road, and over to Lyons Falls for gas. The C7B railroad trail was in good shape for a Saturday at 7 PM. Then back to the River Valley Inn for dinner. Good food. Then took the RR C5A back to Glenfield.

It was snowing from when we left Cedar Pine. Maybe 1/2" new accumulation when we got to Sportsmen. About an inch and snowing hard around 4:30 when we left Sportsmen. Visibility was poor on North South but snow lightened up by the time we got to Whetstone Res. and it had pretty much stopped at Lyons Falls. When we left the RVI it was a light sleet/rain.

At 10 PM it was 33° with very light sleet/snow in Glenfield and there was about 2" of new heavy snow on the ground. It looks like we might get some more rain or mixed precipitation but I'm not anticipating any disaster like the previous rains. At higher elevations is will probably be all snow or sleet.

Grooming will not be all that effective tonight especially at lower elevations because the low is predicted to be right around freezing. The only thing that might save the trails on Sunday is light traffic due to the Superbowl.

However this new wet snow should make a nice base when groomed Sunday night since the temperature is predicted to drop about 10° and then stay below freezing during the day, and in or near the single digits at night for the next several days.

=Friday January 31: The temperature crept up to freezing today, but it was overcast and there was no real melting except on roads and parking lots, where snow turned in to mashed potatoes. I'm sure heavy traffic churned up trails but otherwise the snow just settled some. Grooming tonight should be effective but it is not going to get real cold so I don't expect real hard set-up. The more significant problem is that above freezing temperatures and possibly rain is predicted Saturday/Saturday night. I don't expect grooming to hold up to the heavy weekend traffic.

=Thursday January 30: Finally a nice sunny day with reasonable temperatures. High in Glenfield was 22° I rode up to Tug Hill and made a 50 mile loop with a couple of guys in to their camp. The trails I started on Fykes Road, Graves Road, etc., were pretty good in the late morning, but on the way back trails (Michigan Mills, North, Number 9, Graves, Fykes) were starting to get a little rough.



= Wednesday January 29: Another cold sunny day until about 4 PM, then light snow. After 4 hours, still only .5" accumulation. I checked in to the Seaway Net on the AC2GE repeater via EchoLink and found out that Watertown / Dexter got a foot today. Schools closed early, etc.

= Tuesday January 28: We missed all the lake effect after 3:30 PM Monday. It was clear and sunny all day Tuesday. At 11 PM the wind was calm, the stars were out, and the temperature was -8°. I checked in to the New York State Phone, Traffic, and Emergency Net on 75 meters and heard a report that Altmar got 40".

= Monday January 27: The weekend was uneventful, weather-wise. There was a few inches of snow but it was mostly light powder that didn't pack. I didn't do any riding, preferring to get work done and wait for more snow and better riding conditions. Trails I observed along Rt. 12 on Saturday looked OK but still a little brown.

It appeared to be snowing fairly hard most of Monday, but a lot of the snow in the air was just blowing off roofs, trees, etc. I estimate there was only about 3-4" new snow today in Glenfield. The high today was 30°. Snow stopped, winds calmed down, and the sun came out at about 3:30 PM, but a lake effect snow warning remains in effect until Wednesday morning. At 6 PM it was 11°.

I measured in several undisturbed spots and there was an average of about 7" total new fluffy snow above the hard crust. The only snowmobiling I did was to ride over to the post office early this afternoon, so I can't say anything about the trails. The new snow is nice for riding and downhill or cross country skiing should be really great.

The new snow is fairly light and fluffy but I think there is finally enough of it, the moisture content is high enough, and the temperature is "warm" enough, that packing and grooming should be effective as long as the underlying moguls have been properly cut down beforehand. However there is still hard snow and ice underneath. Hard riding in corners will strip off the snow and turn them back to ice pretty quickly, and I wouldn't go attempting to blast through any big snowbanks because under the top layer they are hard as a rock.

= Friday January 24: The temperature moderated a little today. Low was -22° but the high was up to +15° and it was 'only' down to +12° at 11 PM.

= Thursday January 23: The low last night was -14°, the high today was +8°. It was -8° at 10 PM. There has been a little new snow in the past few days. It is cold dry sugar snow that does not pack. I have not been out snowmobiling since Saturday. I observed the trail as I drove through Lyons Falls today. It looks pretty good, but has a brown tint, especially north of Cherry street where it goes around the edge of the field. So I think trails in the valley and fields going up to the hill are passable but still have a thin icy base.

I just finished the paperwork for the Vintage Ride in Brantingham on February 15 during Winterfest Weekend. The parade and open house at the groomer barn are always fun, and the addition of an actual vintage ride makes it even better.

= Tuesday January 21: The low was -20° overnight. We have had a few inches of snow over the past couple of days but the trail base is still icy. This cold weather is good for freezing up remaining water hazards but not so good for grooming.

= Saturday January 18: I rode from Glenfield to the Turin club cookout at Tabolt Corners. The C5A from Glenfield was good but about .3 mile from Burdick's Crossing Road there is a couple of frozen washouts. From there up on C5A (Milk House Road, through the fields to Morgan Gulf Rd.) it was icy and rough. There is certainly enough new loose snow for lube and cooling, but the trail base is icy with lots of hard frozen bumps in some sections. Be really careful on C5A in the fields. There are some frozen washouts and there is a detour around a washout and damaged bridge up near East Road. There is a detour but it is not clearly marked. There were some fairly big moguls on Tabolt Road especially north of Tabolt's Corners and they are not soft! I didn't think conditions were that great and I had things to do anyway so I just I came right back down via Houseville Gulf Road which was better than Morgan, but to get anywhere from there requires some road/snowbank riding on East Road. The old trail between Houseville and Morgan was not open as far as I could tell.

= Friday January 17: I have not been out snowmobiling since the rain, but trails may be in better shape than I first expected, given all the rain and warm weather. One thing that has happened is that any remaining snow has settled, and if it was packed before, it is now getting really hard. This was noticeable even with daytime temperatures in the upper 30's. With settled high moisture content snow, temperatures at least at night below freezing, and generally decreasing temperatures overall, grooming may result in really good trail surfaces where there is actual snow to work with instead of ice or bare dirt. I think you will encounter really variable conditions, from nice smooth snow to icy or bare. If temperatures stay reasonably below freezing the grooming may hold up fairly well to traffic.

I went snowshoeing yesterday around Twin Ponds up at the Otter Creek Horse Trails. There was plenty of snow still in the woods but I can't say about the main trails. I'm guessing that the new section of the Mount Tom trail is probably pretty thin with bare spots but some of the trail through Confusion Flats and Stoney Lake may still be in fairly decent shape.

I drove by The Edge this afternoon. The parking lot was pretty full and there were people riding.

The section of trail up the hill from Rt. 12 towards Turin wasn't even all brown. It might just be that the inch or so of new snow made it look grey instead of brown, but it definitely has been ridden. I would expect some thin, bare, or icy sections on the way.

I saw Brantingham's Tucker on the trail just north of Cherry Street. I guess if there is enough snow to groom, you can ride to Brantingham, although Burdick's Crossing and Sweeny Roads will be bare and sandy, and Middle Road has to be pretty thin and icy. The main trail to Stillwater (10 Mile Crossing) also must be icy and pretty thin. Both were already getting pretty icy when I rode them last Thursday and Friday before the rain.

I was at the Towpath Inn on Wednesday afternoon for the Lewis County Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours. There was about and inch of fresh snow in the parking lot and the surrounding fields looked fairly well covered, so I think when you get up to Turin there should be mostly adequate cover on trails.

However, be careful of ice and eroded spots from all the rain; and even though there has been no rain for a couple of days and the temperatures have dropped, watch for water hazards.

Snow looks much thinner in the fields towards Lowville. I would expect the trail between Ridgeview and the hill be thin as well, because parts of it were thin even when I rode it last Friday before the rain.

We have had only a couple minor snowfalls of an inch or so at a time and mostly in the morning after which the temperature has risen to or above freezing, and/or the sun has come out. Virtually all the new snow melted quickly off any road or surface that was not already snow or ice, at least in the valley. It may have made snowbanks and fields look a little prettier by covering up some sand or grass and may have helped the trails just a little.

= Wednesday January 15: It has been warm with lots of rain since Saturday. An inch of wet snow fell in the morning but it just created a sloppy mess on roads, driveways, and walks in the valley. By late morning it was raining lightly. The high was 37°. Most of the new snow disappeared but didn't look like there was much melting of old snow. Yesterday I measured 10-12" of snow in undisturbed open but sheltered areas. Snow in my yard where it has been packed by riding/walking is about the same if not deeper and is pretty hard even with temperatures above freezing.

= Sunday January 12: There is still over a foot of snow on the ground in my back yard. I went snowshoeing around Twin Ponds at the Otter Creek Horse Trails in the afternoon. There was lots of snow in the woods, and I saw much less evidence of slush and water than expected. However I expect there will be water and slush in low areas of the trails, and possible major flooding due to streams or runoff blocked by ice jams. There are actual reports of open water on Burdick's Crossing and Van Arnum Road. I drove over to and checked the C5A railroad trial from Glenfield. It looked OK from the road but there are likely some water holes.

=Saturday January 11: Updated National Weather Service Briefing for the weekend

@1:30 PM: It's bad. Raining steadily. Some torrential downpours this morning. 43° Driveways and parking lots are either bare or down to the underlying layer of ice, with water on top. 2" puddles of waiter in my driveway and front yard. Flooding expected.

@ 1:30 AM: I decided after dinner that since it was warm it would be a good time to go out and adjust my headlights. Then I decided to do a quick 'field test.' I ran down the old railroad trail a mile or so. I came back to the house but it was so nice out I decided to go for a 'little' ride. I headed up to Eatonville Road (C8A) and the little ride turned in to 4 hours riding around Confusion Flats and Brantingham. All Brantingham trails were excellent and in fact I encountered some freshly groomed secondary trails. The snow was very packy and if it were not for the coming rain and warm-up, the trails would be setting up flat and hard.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Ride Reports / Pictures

= Friday January 10: 4:30 PM update - no rain yet. Temperature is close to freezing but at least there was no sun to accelerate the deterioration. I rode from Glenfield to Lyons Falls for gas & lunch. So far trails are holding up but I expect that to change tonight. The railroad bed C8A/C7B was excellent. I made a loop up C8B which was a little rough in spots between Lyons falls and Shibley Road. The Black River flooded over the road right at the start of the trail. There is ice but you can get over/around it. North-South Road was groomed nicely. I came back down Middle Road C7B. No doubt due to heavy sled traffic between Stillwater/Old Forge and the hill, It is somewhat icy with loose snow, just like 10 Mile was last night. Snow cover on main plowed roads is starting to deteriorate.

I rode a short loop Wednesday up Corrigan Hill Road, over to Timberview and down Milk House Road. I rode a long loop Thursday Glenfield-Lowville-Croghan-Long Pond-Brantingham. Trails ranged from very good to thin and rocky. Lots of snow on the northeast edge of the hill but the fields are wind-swept in spots. Off the hill, some trails in the woods are pretty boney despite the recent snow. By far the best groomed trails were Brantingham's, even though there is less snow on the Adirondack side than on the Tug Hill side of the valley.

Here is a picture. More later. Right now I'm going out for a last ride before the next warm-up. It is 25° and snowing at 10 AM, but any detailed report is meaningless at this time because 50° and 3/4" of rain on Saturday will change everything. Ride today if you can.

= Wednesday January 8: Minimal new snow overnight in Glenfield. The forecast and National Weather Service Briefing for the weekend does not look good. Another warm-up and half inch of rain on Saturday. Get out and ride now if you can.

= Tuesday January 7 National Weather Service Briefing for Jan. 6-8.

@ 8 PM: No significant additional snow in Glenfield. Blowing and drifting. High for the day was 3°. A lot more snow to the north, less to the south. 26" new snow reported in Castorland. At 1 PM it was partly sunny just a few miles south in Port Leyden. Only about an inch of new snow reported in Boonville this afternoon.

@ 8 AM: 0°, 5" additional new snow, not wet, but heavier than previous snows. High blustery winds, blowing and drifting, generally miserable outside. Lewis County has announced 'no unnecessary travel.' Up to 24" additional predicted in the next 24 hours.

= Monday January 6: A lot of rain overnight, a lot of flooding in low areas, but still a lot of snow. Since it didn't start raining until after 5 PM Sunday, I suspect that the trails didn't get too beat up from traffic while it was warm and raining. Stared to snow off and on late morning and freeze up again in the afternoon. About 2-3" new snow and 19° @ 7:30 PM but snow had tapered off. New snow not necessarily a good thing because where there was water there is now water/slush with insulating snow on top. Better insulation means longer time to freeze. Snow tapered off in the evening. Heavy snow blustery conditions reported in the Castorland/Beaver Falls area at 8 PM. Apparently the edge of the LE band remained north of Glenfield. At midnight it was 6° and windy but clear starry skies.

= Sunday January 5: The temperature rose steadily over the weekend. Snow on the ground changed from light fluffy yesterday to moderately back by late afternoon. Brantingham trails were still mostly in good condition at 5 PM with some bumps and icy spots from weekend traffic. Snow gets thinner as you go northeast from Brantingham. The new Mount Tom trail was pretty scratchy in spots, but passable.

However, conditions deteriorated rapidly Sunday evening. At 5 PM, ice pellets had just started to fall and the temperature was 32°, one degree below the high for the day. By 6 PM, it was raining lightly. At midnight it had been raining steadily, the temperature was 38°, and my driveway was a sheet of ice with a half inch of water on top.


= Saturday January 4: The midday high temperature was +22°, which is 24° warmer than yesterday. Great riding conditions from what I could tell. I didn't get out on any long ride because I worked around the house in the morning and and helped at the Brantingham Snomads safety course in the afternoon.

I heard from the club president that there are some water/mudhole problems on the Mount Tom (C8A) trail between Stony Lake and intersection 52C at Ten Mile Crossing Road (C7B).

Got a report this evening from a friend down the street who said Tug Hill trails were generally very good between here and West Leyden.



= Friday January 3: It is COLD.

Beautiful sunny day but the high was -2°. At 8 PM stars were out and the temp was -16° At 11 PM it was still crystal clear but the temp had risen to -11°.

I can't say exactly how much new snow we had from the storm but maybe 8-10". Combined with the 10" from Tuesday it makes for pretty good snowmobiling. The snow seems to be a little deeper in Brantingham than Glenfield.

At about 1 PM I took a short ride up to Confusion Flats. I intended to make the C8A-C7B loop through Stony Lake, Mt. Tom, and back 10 Mile Crossing in to Brantingham. But it was so cold I turned around at Stony Lake Road and headed to Brantingham via the Erie Canal and Catspaw Lake trails.

I warmed up and had a great bowl of corn chowder at the Brantingham General Store then headed out to North-South Road intending to ride C8B down To Lyons Falls then back to Glenfield on the RR trail. I was hoping the trail might not have been ridden or groomed yet but it was, and it was so cold I turned around, went back and headed straight to Glenfield via Van Arnum Road.

Once I slowed down and started doing a little 'technical riding' on the snowbanks I finally started to warm up a bit. Working a little harder to balance on snowbanks and such, or in the sun and out of the wind it didn't seem so bad, but just sitting on a snowmachine zooming down the trail the wind chill was killer.

All Brantingham trails I saw were groomed nicely, but the surface is soft and I don't think it will hold up to traffic. At least there's lots of snow and it is soft.

= January 2: Snow started late last night. The high for the day was -1° early this morning. At 10 PM it is -10° and still snowing but the total accumulation is only about 5" because the snow is so fine. I'm not sure exactly when, but Brantingham has groomed the trails (old RR bed) in the valley. Of course with this type of snow and low temperatures this low the snow will not set up, so I would expect trails to become bumpy pretty quickly.

= Happy New Year: The lake effect machine cranked up yesterday. After settling I measured about 9" of new snow in my front yard. Roads were in bad shape this morning. Secondary roads are still snow covered but state highways are clear. It is cold and predicted to stay that way. Temperature was 6° at 9 AM and 5° at 8 PM. The high tomorrow is predicted to 0°! Sorry about the washed out morning pictures. It happens in the morning when it is actually sunny. I'll see what I can do about it.

= Sunday December 29: Temperatures above freezing during the day, some light rain in the valley. No new snow. Higher elevations in the central Adirondacks received several inches of of snow late in the afternoon. Temperatures falling to below freezing overnight and continuing downward this week. Some lake effect predicted for Monday and more on Tuesday.

= Friday December 27: About 4" new snow! Maybe a little more south in Lyons Falls. If it weren't for the rain last weekend we'd have tons of snow. Even with the meltdown last weekend we have more snow than many other places. I have not ridden but reports are that Brantingham trails are in good condition.

= Wednesday December 25: Merry Christmas!

Back to the deep freeze yesterday. No significant snow. Low was -2° last night. 17° at 2 PM Christmas day. About 1.5' of snow left in my back yard. Hard as a rock. You can walk on top of it with your sneakers and not get wet feet. Trails may have some bare spots especially on hills and/or where ridden during the warm weather. There is certainly some ice and probably still some water that is not completely frozen in swampy areas. Black River is at flood level. Swamps / low areas are full of water. Roads are bare.

Finally got the actual webcam operational so you get regularly updated images, although not as nice as those I have been posting from the camera. I may get to installing a better webcam this season.

= Monday December 23: A little ice Saturday night. Mostly melted by Sunday afternoon. Temperatures remained mostly above freezing until Monday afternoon but are dropping.

= Saturday December 21: Fortunately the temperature remained above freezing overnight. No ice yet.

= Friday December 20: Light to moderate rain and mid to upper 30's 36° all day. All trails are slush. Warm temperatures and heavy rain predicted all weekend. No grooming will be possible until next week sometime.

= Thursday December 19: No rain but the temperature at midnight was 33° with a high of 37° for the day.

= Wednesday December 18: Sunny and cold in the morning, clouded up but warmed up during the afternoon, with an intense period of lake effect around 5 PM. 4-6" fell in less then 2 hours, then tapered off.

= Tuesday December 17: It was clear overnight with a beautiful full moon. It would have been a great time for a moonlight ski or snowshoe, as long as you were dressed for it. It was well below zero at 9 PM, the low was -11°. At 9 AM, the temperature is -1° and it is snowing again. Enough already!

We do not need any more snow. At this point it is just a time waster. I'd rather be riding than shoveling in my 'free time.' Club volunteers have their hands constantly having to do snow removal chores at their homes and businesses. This becomes more important this week because unfortunately a warm up with some rain is predicted for Friday. It will not be a problem for the trails, but could be a big problem in general. Roofs need to be shoveled and snow moved before it gets heavy and definitely before it freezes back up the next day.


= Monday December 16: More snow overnight. Finally, a sunny day with no snow. Light traffic on Brantingham trails yesterday. Only had time for a short ride up Van Arnum Road today. Found recent grooming on Van Arnum/Eatonville/Otter Creek Truck Trail with some snowmobile tracks. The club has packed/groomed most of the main trails at least once since the major snowfalls last week but you should not expect everything to be well packed and groomed yet. It has been too cold for trails to set up.

= Sunday December 15: About another 6" overnight, Low of 7°. This snow was finer and heavier than in the last two storms. 19° and intermittent light to moderate snow @ 1:30.

Dec. 15   Ride Report / Pictures

= Saturday December 14: Low of -10° overnight. +8° at noon. Finally, no snow overnight, but more is predicted. Very fine snow starting to fall at 1 PM.

Please note that some snowmobile trails do not open until December 16 or later, particularly on Tug Hill. The trails between the Edge and Turin/Tug Hill ARE NOT OPEN YET regardless of snow. You should check with the clubs where you intend to ride and respect landowner wishes.

= Friday December 13: Another 18" overnight. At 1 PM the snow has basically stopped and it is 17°. If this snow ever stops and I get a little caught up, I will get the actual cam running. Took a ride to Lyons Falls. Brantingham had groomed before the snowfall, but broke trail in 18" of new snow. After lunch, headed up C8B for a challenge. It took a long time to make it up the big hill, methodically going up until almost stuck, then back down packing, etc. There are a few trees down, so if you try this trail before the groomer has been through, be extra careful. I didn't have any flagging tape with me but I marked them with branches.

= Thursday December 12:

Low of -10° overnight. No additional snow. Beautiful sunny day until about noon, then it got a little hazy/cloudy. High of 20°. I took a ride to Brantingham and made a loop through Lyons Falls. Seemed like less snow in Brantingham than in the valley. Snow has settled and it was much easier going today. For the most part I was the first on the trails but Brantingham has been out grooming. Have not talked to the operators but I think they made the 10 Mile Crossing - Mt. Tom - Stony Lake - Confusion Flats loop C7B/C8A). Van Arnum Road and the Otter Creek Truck Trail had fresh groomer tracks. I turned off at Erie Canal trail. Be careful of downed trees on any trail that has not been groomed. I encountered a few. As of 4 PM the trail from the Edge has not been groomed. Mine are the only tracks on most of the trail between between the Edge and Glenfield (C7B/C5A). No one has been on C7B between Burdick's Crossing (47C) and Brantingham. The Black River and Moose River have lots of ice. Secondary roads are all still snow-covered but most have been sanded. More lake effect was predicted this afternoon and tonight but all we got as of 5 PM were some intermittent light flurries.

= Wednesday December 11: I measured 18" new snow on my back steps at 7:30 AM and it continued snowing heavily all day. Lewis County sheriff closed the roads in the morning. The snow tapered off at about 9 PM with a total accumulation of about 3 feet. Temperature was in the low 20's during the day and was 18° at 9 PM. I attempted to ride a little but it was difficult. The snow is way too deep and fluffy.

Talked to some friends on the radio in the morning - Watertown had bare ground, Carthage just a trace.

Report from Boonville was only about 7" at 9 PM.

=Tuesday December 10: About 1" wet snow Monday morning. A little light rain late Monday afternoon. High of about 36°. Temperature dropped overnight. Fortunately no freezing rain. Mostly light fluffy snow overnight. 24° at 11 AM. About 3" on the ground. Looks nice but it is way too light to make enough base for riding.