Snow and Trail Conditions near C5A / C7B Brantingham - Tug Hill
Glenfield Village Front Porch Cam

2014-2015 History

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= Friday April 24: After last week's spring-like weather it has been cold and rainy all week. Snowed off and on yesterday with a real heavysquall around 11 AM. Actually had snow on the ground for a short time. The low overnight was was 31° and there was a dusting of snow in spots this morning. There is still some fine snow in the air at 10 AM.

= Monday April 13: Today is the first day it's as warm outside as in and I'm working with the windows open.

= Thursday April 2: The snow is slowly disappearing. All trails at lower elevations are bare and closed. At higher elevations, coverage is spotty. Sitll a couple of feet of snow in the woods and everything is reasonably well frozen, but heavily traveled trails, especially in open areas, are worn out. You can find places to ride but don't expect to go long distances. Many trails on private land are closed even if ther is some snow remaining.

= Thursday March 26: 43° overcast, light to moderate rain at 1 PM. Overnight low 36°. The snow is slowly melitng in the Black River Valley. There is still over a foot in the woods. Fieldes a re startung to show bare dirt and grass. All valley trails are worn down to dirt and not ridable. There is a lot of snow at higher elevations but you will encounter bare roads and worn-out trails on some spots.

= Sunday March 15: The predicted rain did not happen except for a very slight drizzle Saturday evening. Precipitation turned to snow overnight and as of 10:30 is still snowing. about 1/4-1/2" accumulation on top of ice or old snow but melting on roads and bare graound..

= Saturday March 14: Low of 32° overnight. As of 12:30, 43°, overcast, no significant precipitation. Just a few raindrops on the car window on the way to and from the Brantingham Snomads meeting this morning. If conditions stay like this, the main damage to trails will be due to sled traffic, not weather.

= Firday March 13: Took a ride today down the railroad bed C5A/C7B from Glenfield to Lyons Falls, then up C8B to North-South Road, the county forest, Fowlerville. Did not try to go to Brantingham because all plowed roads are pretty much bare. After a little riding around the forest, came back down, stopped at Lyons Falls Tire for a while to check on one of the office computers, then Stewarts for gas, then back to Glenfield.

On the way out the RR bed was good all the way with just a few small dirt spots. The trail from the RR to the Edge had large bare spots.

On the way back, Edge to RR was really bad most of the way. The RR had long stretches of bare or marginally covered with a little slush. At the compressor station, the trail towards RVI and Brantingham (C7B) looked really bad as well.

Trail from Turin at the Edge looked pretty bad. Heard a report it is pretty much shot all the way. I wouldn't be surprised if the club and/or landowners shut it down.

Left about 11:30, got back about 4:30. The sun, warm temps, and riders did a lot of damage in the afternoon. Unless we get more snow after it cools down, today was my last ride from Glenfield to Lyons Falls.

Drove in to Lowville later. Lots of bare spots starting in the fields.

Between riders, rain, and warm temps tonight and Saturday I expect all trails in the Black River Valley will be totally shot.

Plenty of snow in the woods, even in the valley. Trails at higher elevations, particularly those that don't get lots of traffic, will probably be OK for a while.

= Thursday March 12: The temperature dropped well below freezing overnight and the snow/trails were solid in the morning. I drove to West Leyden and rode a 120 mile loop south to Westernville, around Delta Lake, west to Lee Center, Taberg, Camden, north to 46 Corners, and back past the Hideaway to West Leyden. Most of the trails survived the warm up and were pretty good. There were occasional small bare spots but nothing significant. The only real problem was plowed road segments, which were totally bare.

= Wednesday March 11: This was the first morning it looked and felt like spring outside.

I rode 106 miles yesterday to Barnes Corners, Copenhagen, Carthage. Almost all excellent trail coonditions. Plenty of snow cover even in lower elevations, except for plowed roads which were bare or nearly bare. Dispite a high of 50°, some of the last new snow was still on my driveway when I returned at 6 PM.

However the temperature remained warm overnight (low 39°) This morning the snow on the driveway was gone - all water and ice. Still about 1.5 feet of snow in the yard. Black River Vallley trails should still be generally good except for road sections.

= Wednesday March 4: Only about 2.5" snow overnight. Minimal freezing rain, just enough to put a slight crust on top of the snow. Softened and settled during the day. High temperature 37°, marginal sun. No significant melting. I rode from Glenfield to Port Leyden late this afternoon to do a printer reinstallation job. It's great when you can snowmobile to work! Glenfield to Lyons Falls was excellent. Lyons Falls to Port Leyden was fair to good. The high moisture snow and a warm day, then cold tonight and through the weekend wiill make for good grooming and trail conditions.

= Monday January 23: It was not as cold as I expected Sunday night or Monday. High temperature Sunday was just aabove freezing, and it was still near 20° Sunday evening; 'only' went down to -1° and there was a dusting of new snow overnight. It was a sunny day with a high of +8° but at 5:30 it is already down to -1°.

= Wednesday February 18: Low Sunday night -20°, high Monday +5°, low Monday nigh -14°, high Tuesday 23°, low Tuesday night -4°. 23° and sunny at 10 AM. No new snow since the weekend. Snow has settled some but there is still around 2 feet in the valley. I have not been out riding since Saturday at the Brantingham Snomads Winterfest parade and vintage snowmobile ride.

= Wednesday February 11: Just returned from a ride from Glenfield to Lake Pleasant (Sunday) and back today via Port Leyden C8C to- C7C to Woodgate/Bear Creek Road, then C4H through North/South Lake to Nobleboro and C4 through Morehouse, etc. Lots of snow everywhere. Much more new snow Sunday-Monday in Herkimer and Hamilton Counties than around the Black River Valley but finally there is lots of snow everywhere and trails are good. C4H has not been groomed and there is some blowdown on the Millbrook (HK128) to North Lake section.

= Saturday February 7: Another couple inches of snow overnight. Not so cold. 29° at 1PM. I rode to the Brantingham Snowmobile Club meeting this morning. Final plans are being made for the Brantingham Winterfest next weekend, including a vintage snowmobile trail ride. After the meeting I did some local riding and back down Middle Road (C7B). Off packed trails the snow is very deep and fluffy. It has not settled much and is not easy riding.There is lots of snow even on the roads but heavily travelled sections of trail at lower elevations are already a tan color.

= Friday February 6: Today was a decent winter day. Not to warm, not too cold. Partly sunny, a couple of inches of new snow.

= Wednedsay February 4: Glad I went out yesterday because it is a rather dismal day with snow in the air. Only an inch or so new accumulation and 28° at noon.

= Tuesday February 3: Took a 53 mile ride down to Lyons Falls, up to Brantingham,Steam Mill to Pine and Big Otter Lakes, Partridgeville Road to Kovach Trail C7B to Blueberry S79 to Erie canal to C8A and back to Glenfield. All good. Brantingham groomers had been out on some trails. The snow is so light and cold it is not packing. The throttle jockeys have already spun it up enough that snirt and gravel is showing in places on the main trails in the valley. Stewarts in Lyons Falls gas pumps were off and being worked on due to a sled on fire on Sunday that set off the halon fire extinguisher system.

= Monday February 2: At 9 AM, 7°, moderate to heavy snowfall, about 5" on the ground. At noon, 8° and 8", still snowing. At 3:30 PM, about 9" on the ground, still snowing, temperature dropped to 2°. At 5 PM, little additional accumulation, partly sunny, winds calm, -3°.

= Sunday February 1: 10° at 8 AM. About 1/2" of new snow overnight. Looks nice but not enough to cover the stones in the valley trails.

= Friday January 30: We received less than 3" of snow in Glenfield. At 8 PM it was clear and 4°. Trails in the valley were basically ground down to dirt before this snow. I went out for a short inspection ride this afternoon. I thought I might go to Lyons Falls for lunch but the main trails were already looking pretty brown just from the snowmobile traffic today. I decided it was not worth riding the rest of the way from Burdicks Crossing to Lyons Falls. The valley trails are marginally passable but that's about it.

= Tuesday January 27: Zero new snow from the coastal storm. 8° and strong wind from the Northeast at 6 PM. Definitely no lake effect snow with this wind.

= Wednesday January 21: I rode up to Tug Hill at 2 PM via Duncan & Lee to Corrigan Hill Road, then aroyaround Fykes, Maple Ridge, Toole, across the Whetstone Res, #9 to North, Plummer to Whiskey Jacks, checked out Smith Rd, then Smith Rd. Truck Trail and down to Turin for the Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours at the Towpath. Trails on top of the hill OK. Smith Road very snirty, trails in Turing snirty. All lower trails one warmup away from being virtually unridable.

= Sunday January 18: I heard all kinds of bad reports on the East Coast Amateur Radio Service net about freezing rain and ice downstate this morning, but no problems here so far. At 1 PM it was 38° and overcast. At 6 PM it is 35° with intermittent very light rain the last few hours. It has actually tapered off and has had minimal impact.

= Saturday January 17: We had a couple of inches of snow Thursday night but it was very light and didn't add much to the base. The low was -15° Friday night. About 1:00 I rode up to Tabolt's Corners via Morgan Gulf Road, for the Turin Ridge Riders hot dog fund raiser. There was a good crowd. Afterwards I rode a couple of miles up Number Nine road, crossed over to the G&W road, then around the reservoir, then Corrigan Hill Road back down to Glenfield and. All trails at lower elevations east of Rt. 26 are scratchy and snirty. Coverage at higher elevations is good. TRR trails seemed a little smoother than Valley Snow Trailers trails. They probably all started out great in the morning but there was a lot of traffic on the main trails and it was around 2:30 when I riding.

= Tuesday January 13: I rode from Glenfield to Lyons Falls on the railroad trail C5A/C7B. It was passable but lots of stones mixed in with the snow. Then I rode up to Brantingham on C8B which was better but still some dirt on the lower part. Then back down to Glenfield via Van Arnam Road C5A. Out of the valley conditions are much better but more snow is needed everywhere. Brantingham is out grooming.

= Monday January 12: A couple of inches of snow fell today and the high temperature was 34° This will help settle the snow. Temperatures are predicted to drop with sub-zero lows and highs in the teens. Grooming today will result in good set-up tonight but there still is not a lot of snow to work with. I have not been out riding but I am guessing trails that have seen a lot of weekend traffic will be snirty especially here in the valley.

= Sunday January 11: Glenfield was "spared" in the recent Lake Effect event. Only a couple of inches of new snow accumulation. A little more in the Lowville - Croghan area but not much. Ridable but thin.

= Thursday January 8: The cold temperatures have frozen the ground fairly well but there has been only a few inches of new snow and it fell basically over bare or marginally covered ground. It is too cold to pack and make a good base. There is a little more in south towards Boonville and Remsen, and that area retained a little more old sinew so there might be some base. However probably not enough to stand up to any heavy traffic.

= Sunday January 4: Rain, snow, sleet overnight. Intermittent rain during the day 50° at 2 PM. Lots of standing water. Everything is a mess. There was no base on trails before the rain and warm-up. Everything will now be dirt/mud and water with a maybe a little slush on top. Several days of cold weather will be required along with snow after things dry up and freeze. Major snow too early will just make things worse.

= Saturday January 3: I rode over to the railroad bed and about .1 mile in. There is zero base. The few inches of snow we have on the ground is so light it doesn't pack or cover the stones. I can't believe someone actually rode all the way down that trail. Started lightly snowing at 3:00. Turned to icy snow at 5:00...

= Thursday January 1: No major lake effect here so far. Only a couple of inches new snow.

= Wednesday December 24: Warm temperatures and rain have removed most of the snow in the valley. Trails are totally shot.

= Monday December 15: Hunting season is over in the northern zone. Most trails are open but please check with clubs and do not open or ride around closed gates. Temperatures Sunday were around freezing and there was a mix of light misty rain and snow in the valley. The low overnight was only 31°.Trails are covered but thin.

= Saturday December 13: Still having some problems getting the webcam program to run as a service. Troubleshoot later. Rode to Brantingham Snomads meeting then spent several hours clearing and trimming on C8B. Trails not groomed but pretty good conditions today. Warm weather predicted and there is not enough base to stand up to heavy traffic.

NOTE: Turin trails are not open. Respect landowners wishes. Do not attempt to ride through the fields between Tug Hill and the Black River Valley.

= Friday December 12: Overcast with scattered flurries. Snow settled overnight to 6" Low 24°. Good solid base but warm up expected Sunday.

= Thursday December 11: Snow settled to about 8-10".Had some problems restarting the webcam. Operational for now. Finished snow removal. Went for a ride up to Brantingham, down to Lyons Falls, and back. Encountered very light freezing rain at higher elevations, rain in the valley. The snow is dense and packy. It will make a good base if it doesn't melt.

= Wednesday December 10: Snowed all day. Estimated 10" at 11:30 PM. will try to get the cam running tomorrow.

= Tuesday December 9: As of 3 PM, 35° and very light misty rain. No significant snow on the ground.

= Tuesday December 2: What little snow fell over Thanksgiving weekend all melted. The high today was 35°.The ground was bare until 5 PM but snow started falling and at 5:30 the ground is covered and the temperature is 30°.