Snow and Trail Conditions near C5A / C7B Brantingham - Tug Hill
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2015-2016 History

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= Saturday February 20: More of the same since last report. Temperature up and down. Wet snow and rain last weekend then cool down left lots of ice on places that were not cleared. Valley trails that were open were pretty much destroyed by traffic during the rain.

An inch of heavy snow overnight virtually all melted by noon. This morning it was sunny and temperature rose to a high of 48°. It was like a spring day before the before the clouds rolled in. At 2 PM the temperature is 43° with intermittent light rain.

Off trail in the woods there is some snow, but forget about snowmobing on any trail in the lower elevations.

= Thursday February 11: I have not reported for a while because nothing really changed from February 1 except loss of more snow. After last week's real warm-up, temperatures hovered mostly around freezing. Not that much more snow melted but there wasn't much left after the Feb. 3 rain anyway.

The temperature dropped from yesterday's high of 33° to 9° overnight. It rose briefly to 13° this morning and is back to 9° at 2 PM. Although everything looks white, it is just an inch of light fluffy snow over mostly bare ground. We did not receive the huge dump of lake effect snow that ocurred on southern Tug Hill. Snowmobile trails in the valley remain closed and unridable.

According to all forecasts this weekend will be the coldest days of the winter so far. Unfortunately for the Brantingham Winterfest the high on saturday is predicted to be -6°. Fortunately the parade at 11 AM is fairly short, and there will be plenty of hot food and good company at the Brantingham Snomads open house at the groomer barn after the 11 AM parade. I have not checked trail conditions in Brantingham. I think the woods trails have retained some base and by Saturday there should be enough for the Vintage Snowmobile Ride after the parade.

= Monday February 1: It looks more like December 1 or April 1. Some fields are 75% bare. Still some snow in the woods and shaded areas, but all valley trails are totally shot.

= Saturday January 30: Temperature above freezing today. Partly sunny this afternoon. 33° at 6 PM.

I rode south from Glenfield today. The trail between Lyons Falls and Burdicks Crossing Road is shot. It was not good yesterday, more major damage done by heavy traffic today.

The section bewteen the Edge and the railroad bed is essentially dirt. The railroad section has a mix of snow, dirt, and gravel. The trail along Burdicks Crossing Road is bare in spots and very brown snirt in others. Mik House Road is brown. Most trails will be ground down to dirt by the traffic this evening.

Lyons Falls-Turin trail remains closed. Expect other valley trails to be closed soon.

= Friday January 29: 35° and partly sunny at noon. No new snow. Less snow to the south (Lyons Falls, etc.) Trails in the valley that got snow on Wednesday and have not been heavily ridden should be OK for now. Trails that see heavy traffic today will be ground down by tomorrow. Snowbanks along Grieg Road from Glenfield to Eatonville/Van Arnum are in good condition. Trails in Brantingham are in good condition but may not stand up to heavy weekend traffic combined with warm weather.

= Thursday January 28: Clear and cold overnight. Semi-overcast and 32° at noon.

= Wednesday January 27: 4" new wet snow this morning, Temperature 31° at 10 AM. About a foot to the north in Lowville. No significant additonal snow predicted.

= Tuesday January 26: Cold Monday night, freezing rain this morning, coating of ice on everything, melted in the afternoon, high 41°, 35° at 11 PM. Light rain durng the day. Not that much snow disappeared in my yard. Trails in lower elevations not in great shape before the warm-up due to lack of snow. Lyons Falls-Turin still closed. C7B by The Edge/Rt. 12 is mostly bare dirt. At Burdicks Crossing, there is snow left but the trail is brown:


= Sunday January 24: Low -6° last night, -1° Friday night. High yesterday 23°. 12° ast 11 AM. No snow since mid-week and noen in ther forecast.

= Thursday January 21: Temperature at 10 PM is 3°. Warm temperatures over last weekend combined with heavy riding really hurt trails in the valley. Although temperatures have remained well below freezing since Monday, there has not been much new snow. In area untouched since the weekend, I measured only a couple of inches total new snow accumulation. This is not enough to replenish the base on worn-out valley trails. No snow is expected from the coastal storm and no lake effect forecasted either. Cold temperatures will minimize additional trail damage but do not expect any trail condition improvement for the weekend.

= Friday January 15: Ride Report Glenfield-Stillwater-Brantingham (Noon - 7PM )
-Greig & Odett Roads: Plowed roads. Mostly bare but snowbanks are ridable.
-Eatonville, Confusion Flats, Cow Trail (C8A): A little bumpy but good coverage.
-Stony Lake Road (C8A): A little bumpy but good coverage.
-Mount Tom (C8A): Conditions deteriorate after Stony Lake because the underlying road deteriorates, the ground is not frozen, and there is still running water from last weekend's rain and thaw. The new section of the Mt. Tom trail is particularly bad. Rocks, wet/bare/muddy spots and a few big water/mudholes.
-10 Mile Crossing Road (C7B/C8A): Not plowed yet but thin cover due to heavy snowmobile traffic. Passable but snirty when I came back through to Partridgeville Road at 6 PM.
-McCarty Road to Stillwater Road (C7B north of H24): Overall better coverage than 10 Mile because traffic spreads between this trail and the trail to Big Moose Road. However, several small mud/water spots.
-Stillwater Road: Plowed with sand in the middle but generally snow covered. Very passable.
-Stillwater Reservoir: There were snowmoibile tracks (in the slush) out from the boat launch. I wouldn't advise riding on any ice yet. Most lakes only froze a week ago. No way the ice is safe. 91 octane no ethanol gas is available at the Stillwater Shop but it is $5.759/gallon. Get it in Brantingham.
-North Crossing Trail to Smith Road (C8A): Most of this is real trail not a road. Single track. Wet and muddy spots. Rocks. Needs more snow and cold. Not really groomable with less than 3 feet of snow. Passable if you are a good rider and like boondocking. Smith Road itself is just fine but ends at plowed Number 4 Road.
-Kovach Trail (C7B - Partridgeville Road bypass fro 10 Mile to Kovach Repair): Rough but passable - moguls, small water/mudholes. Really needs more snow and cold to groom.
-Blueberry Trail (S79) Trailside to Catspaw: Good, not groomed, tree down but passable.
-Catspaw Lake Trail, Blueberry to Van Arnum: Groomed, very good.
-Van Arnum Road: Groomed, minor bumps, good coverage.
-Summary: There is a lot of snow in the woods but the ground is not really frozen and there is water on the surface. Any trail that has had heavy traffic is getting very scratchy and will not stand up to weekend traffic.
Last Sunday it was 47° and raining. The temperature dropped Sunday night and 12"-24" of snow fell between Sunday night and Thursday night, but the ground did not freeze and the water did not run off first. Today's high was 39°. Snow is melting from the top and bottom. There is not enough snow depth to cover rocks on woods trails. Some grooming might be possible tonight but temperatures will not be low enough for good set-up. Rain showers predicted after midnight. Any heavily ridden trail will not hold up to weekend traffic because there is no solid base. Even though it is mid-January, expect early season conditions.
Some areas of Tug Hill may have more snow depth but grooming will not hold there either on Saturday. Saturday night and Sunday temperatures are predicted to be much lower so if there is snow left to groom Saturday night, conditions Sunday might be better on Tug Hill but not necessarily in Brantingham.

= Wednesday January 13: After spending many hours clearing snow the last couple of days, I decided I had to go for a ride today, despite all the lost productivity. I rode to Lyons Falls ( half as much snow as Glenfield) then up to Brantingham (almost as much snow as Glenfield), in Steam Mill Road to the Drunkard Creek Truck trail to the Mud Hole/Pine Lake/Pico Mountain intersection, Pico Mt. to the Pine Lake trail. Got almost to Pine Lake and came upon impassable blowdown. There were other trees down, some mudholes, and a few troublesome uphill spots where the snow was not deep enough to cover the rocks. Unless you like a real challenge and are prepared to get unstuck, best avoid this until there is more cold, and snow, and with any luck the DEC goes in and cuts out the trees. Trails in/around Brantingham were decent. Groomers were out Tuesday night and are out again tonight. Use caution especially on any trail that has not been groomed. There are still trees down, and although there is over a foot of snow, it is not enough to cover all rocks, and there is still some standing and flowing water.

Tuesday January 12: Snow tapered off late yesterday evening. I measured 22" of actual snow depth. I spent about 5 hours clearing snow and I'm not close to being done yet. I still have not caught up with the computer repair work that I had planned for yesterday.

Reports last night by ham radio on the Black River Valley Service Net indicated no snow at all fell in Boonville. Report from KC2NBU on Potato Hill south of town is about 4" fell overnight and it's snowing this morning.

There was only an occasional snowflake in the air at 9 AM when pictures below were taken, but at 9:30 the lake effect has cranked up again.


= Monday January 11: This weather stinks. Yesterday afternoon it was 47° and raining. Almost all the snow melted. The temperature dropped rapidly starting about 7 PM. It fell to 19° this morning and there was less than 3" of snow on the ground. But at 5 PM it is still 19°, there is 21" of snow and it is still coming down hard. Predictions are a total accumulation of 3 feet. This is way too much snow at one time.

= Saturday January 9: 38° at 9 PM. Despite above freezing temperatures for most of the last day and a half, and intermittent rain today, there is still some snow on the ground. However snowmobile trails in the lower elevations are shot. The trails between the valley and Tug Hill are CLOSED due to lack of snow. Visit the Brantingham Snomads and Turin Ridge Riders web sites and Facebook pages for updates.

= Monday January 4: Snowed for several hours yesterday, heavy at times, but it didn't amount to much because the temperature was at or slightly above freezing and the ground was not frozen. Temperature dropped from a high of 37° Sunday evening to low of 1° and has not risen as of 10 AM.

= Friday January 1: Intermittent snow, accumulation 3", temperature 29° at 5 PM. Typical lake effect. The sun was out in Boonville for a few hours this afternoon and almost out in Glenfield at 4 PM. For more trail conditions reports in the Brantingham area see sledfreak.com and the Brantingham Snomads Facebook page.

= Wednesday December 30: Temperature remained above freezing overnight. 38° at 11 AM.

= Tuesday December 29: A mix of snow, ice pellets, and rain over wet unfrozen ground. If the temperature drops and stays below freezing this might start to form a base for trails, but more snow is needed.

Please stay off trails on private land unless you know for sure they are open, otherwise permission to use the land will be lost permanently. It will only take the loss of one or two trail segments to permanently sever the connection between the Black River Valley and Tug Hill.

= Tuesday December 22: Raining since last night. Low was above freezing. 43° at noon. Snow is rapidly melting and will all be gone shortly. There might be some remnants in the higher snowfall areas to the south but not enough to be good for anything, and there will be a lot of standing water which is not going to freeze anytime soon.

Sunday I rode from Glenfield south. Coverage the first couple of miles was minimal but snow depth increased and except for the water holes it was pretty good south of Burdick's Crossing Road. Except for the plowed Kosterville Road, some downed trees, and water/mudholes on the road sections, the C8B trail up towards Brantingham from Lyons Falls was pretty good. Did not go all the way to Brantingham because the road was too bare.

I did not post a timely trail conditions report Sunday because there was no point. By the time anyone read it, it would be too late since conditions were already deteriorating and no trail anywhere stood up to heavy traffic. As usual, there were idiots riding on closed trails or fields on private land so it is very likely that one or more will be permanently closed by landowners.

Looks like there is a glitch with the cam because it is not updating reliably. Will have to work on that when I get a chance. I have time. No favorable winter weather predicted in the next several days.

= Saturday December 19: 6" measured @ 8 PM. 29°, same temperature as 4 PM. Snowed all day but not much more actual depth than this morning due to settling and melting from the ground up. 8" reported in Brantingham. Two feet reported in Port Leyden. 21" in Boonville. 11" at North Lake Road 10 miles east of Forestport. 12-14" in Otter Lake. 2" reported at Spall Road Remsen near the Hinckley Reservoir.

@10 AM: 27° and snowing steadily. About 6" wet fluff on the ground. No base and ground underneath is not frozen. You could probably ride an Elan or other old lightweight machine but that's about it.

= Friday December 18, 2015: 11:30 PM temperature is 31° and 0-1" snow accumulation. Ground is still too warm. Intermittent light snow started about 8 PM in Glenfield, earlier in Boonville. Heavy snowfall around 10:30. Very poor visibility between Lowville and Glenfield. High today was 37° with occasional very light graupel A little frosting on the ground in Port Leyden this morning but none in Glenfield. I will try to get the cam up and running tomorrow.

= Thursday December 17, 2015: Not much different than the last report. No frozen ground or water. Rain today. 48° and occasional light drizzle at 8 PM.

Some lake effect snow predicted for Saturday. Certain areas of Tug Hill could get over 2 feet. Seasonal roads in some areas may be fair game but do not expect trails on private land to be open. Nothing is frozen and it will be a mess. Conditions will probably deteriorate rapidly. Temperatures will be only marginally below freezing this weekend and will rise to near 50° again by mid week.

= Tuesday December 8, 2015: No snow or even extended cold weather yet. The average temperature has remained above freezing and lows have barely been below freezing most nights. Ground and water has really not even started to freeze. Snow is not really in the near term forecast, which is just as well because it would just make a mess over the unfrozen ground.

= Wednesday November 11, 2015: Weather continues to be unseasonably warm. Today's high was 59°, yesterday's high was 63° and overnight lows have been near 50°. Temperatures are forecast to drop to near freezing on Saturday and there is a slight chance of snow overnight Friday, but next week will see a return to highs near 60° and overnight lows in the mid to upper 40s. Again near 60° by the middle of next week. The Glenfieldcam will return when needed for snow condition checks.

= Saturday November 13: First snow! I'll have to brush off the windshield this morning before heading to the Trail Signing and Grooming seminar sponsored by Southern Tug Hill Sno-Riders. Just a dusting on the car and some of the grass and it will be gone in a few hours. Temperature is 30° at 7 AM.