Snow and Trail Conditions near C5A / C7B Brantingham - Tug Hill
Glenfield Village Front Porch Cam

2016-2017 History

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Saturday May 13 - End of Season Summary:The March snowstorms extended the season in to early April at higher elevations. My last rides were in Brantingham on March 26 and Tug Hill March 30. I was able to XC ski in Lake Pleasant on April 10. Last season virtually all the snow was gone by early March eeven in the Adirondacks.

Tuesday March 14: Prior to this storm, virtually all the snow in the valley was gone. All trails were closed, many for the season per landowner request. Stakes may have already been removed from fields. Do not assume any trail is open just because we received a lot of snow. Check with the local clubs first.

Thursday February 23: All trails in the valley are closed and mostly bare. There is still lots of snow at higher elevations but continued warm weather is taking a toll. Conditions the end of last week were great, but warm weather starting with a very warm and sunny Saturday has devastated the lower trails. It feels like spring in Glenfield. Temperature at 4 PM was 57°. It was 60° in Boonville at 3 PM. At 7 PM temperature is still 43°. The only good thing is that so far there has been no rain to add to the runoff of melting snow.

Saturday February 11: A couple inches of fine snow overnight. Very cold temperatures Thursday night, then gradually rising just above freezing during the day today. Trails are covered but base is thin, and no doubt took a beating with heavy traffic today. Much more snow is needed in the valley to repair the damage done by rain on Tuesday night.

Thursday February 9: Heavy rain and 40° Tuesday followed by by warm sunshine Wednesday morning did major damage to trails. Although the temperature dropped to below freezing by late Wednesday and we did get some snow today it was not nearly enough to recover. Trails through the fields between the hill and valley were closed.

Thursday January 12: Yesterday was sunny and warm, a nice day to be outside but the snow took a big hit. Melting continued overnight with a low of 39° and some light to moderate rain after midnight. It has been drizzling of an on all day but no heavy rain and the forecast has now been revised to 1/4" or less except higher amounts in thunderstorms. Fields in the Black River Valley are starting to show green and brown. Many trails in lower elevations are now closed and impassable due to lack of snow. Please respect trail closures and private property. Riding closed trails can lead to permanent loss. Temperatures wil drop later this evening but no significant snow is predicted.

Thursday January 5: Significant snow loss due to the warmup and rain earlier this week. Lots of standing water. Some fields partially bare. 43° to 22° temperature drop between noon and 8 PM yesterday. Severe snow squalls yesterday afternoon - took me 20 minutes to drive from Lyons Falls to Glenfield, but only an inch or two accumulation as of 4 PM today. Extreme northern Lewis County, Watertown, Carthage, Harrisville and in to central St. Lawrence county getting hammered today by a nearly stationary lake effect band.

Thursday December 15: Temperature 12° and 16" of snow measured on the back steps this morning.

Thursday December 8: As of 11 PM the temperature is 28°, there is about 2" of new snow and it is not snowing. As of 5 PM the temperature was 30° and there was no no significant snow accumulation. The sun was out intermittently in the morning and early afternoon. It was above freezing most of the day and winds were mostly light and variable. There was intermittent snow later in the afternoon. Heavy at times but no big storm here. Yesterday's weekly Buffalo National Weather Service briefing maps indicated 8-12" of snow today and 8-12" or more tonight, but now the forecast for Glenfield is only 1-3" possible overnight. It appears we have been granted a reprieve from a major lake effect storm which just as well for me since I have work to do, and better in the long run for trail conditions because it will give the ground and standing water a chance to freeze up before being insulated by snow.

Thursday November 24: Happy Thanksgiving! Average temperature the last few days around freezing. Not really cold enough to freeze things up. No significant snow. 0~2" of snow on the ground.

Monday November 21: Big temperature change but no snow yesterday in Glenfield. Snow on the ground this morning but not as much as originally predicted. More predicted today. At least precipitation is all snow and it is relatively cold.

Saturday November 19:Yesterday's high was 62° and the same is predicted for today, but a 30° drop and major early season storm is predicted for the next couple of days. Time to crank up the Glenfieldcam.