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Trails generally close on April 1 and open after hunting season, snow permitting. Trails on on private land are only open if landowner says so.

This is an "experimental" webcam page... mostly so I can check if I have to shovel snow when I get home.
This webcam is located on a side street in Glenfield, not far from trail C5A where it crosses the Black River.
If there is snow here, it is a good bet that there is snow on Tug Hill and in Brantingham.
Camera is an old Logitech QuickCam Express connected to my shop "troubleshooting" computer.
A new image is uploaded every 19.167 minutes during daylight hours ...when everything works right.
If I am using the computer for real work and/or booted to a secondary OS, the picture may not update.
Notes:    (1) This page does not automatically refresh the image. Reload the page if you want to see the next update.
(2) This is a webcam on the cheap so don't expect a high quality image. It's good enough to let you know if there's snow.


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Support the clubs where you ride. Join and volunteer.

Are you politically active in support of snowmobiling? Are you following the issues? Have you contacted your state legislators, DEC and APA officials, etc.?

Opponents of snowmobiling in New York are very well organized and vocal. To counter their efforts, individual snowmobilers must also be politically active all year round.

Please read and respond to action alert emails from your clubs and NYSSA, and check the NYSSA web site for current issues. Even if you live hundreds of miles from the trails and can't regularly make club meetings or work days, this is something you can do to help. It costs you nothing and does not cut in to your riding time.

Do you have an older computer with Windows XP or Vista that you would like to get more use out of?
Or perhaps you are just tired of the constant forced updates and other Windows 10 problems.
Either way, having your computer converted to secure, stable, fast, and current Linux is a great solution.
Contact me by phone (315) 376-8879 or email for more information.

Saturday March 31: The real end of winter has arrived. Glenfieldcam will be off line until next winter. Thank you for visiting.

Please renew your club memberships and snowmobile registrations early, and plan on helping out with post or pre-season trail work. Stakes and signs have to be removed in the spring and put up in the fall. Trails need clearing and bridges need repairs. Grooming equipment has to be cleaned, repaired, and maintained. If you have time to ride, you have time to help maintain the trails.

Wednesday March 28: Until yesterday, the weather was mostly clear with some night time lows in the single digits, which allowed the trails to set up very well after grooming. There was distinct change on Tuesday. Last night there was a little drizzle and the temperature stayed well above freezing. It is really feeling like spring is in the air. All lower trails are closed. Trails and roads are bare. Higher elevations retain lots of snow particularly in the woods but open areas are thinning rapidly.

Saturday March 24: Even though it has been relatively cold with temperatures every night below freezing, the sun has eliminated snow on roads and trails. All lower elevation trails are closed and mostly bare. Higher elevation trails are generally in decent shape since it has been cold and so far there has been no rain. The combination of relative ly warm days and cold nights makes for good grooming. However anywhere the snow was thin to begin with it is didsappearing rapidly as the earth below soaks up the heat of the sun. You an get a great ride but don't expect to go long distances.

pretty Friday March 16: I rode a 137.5 mile loop to Stillwater, Big Moose Station, Thendara, Trackside Blazers clubhouse, Forestport, Boonville, Port Leyden, and back to Glenfield today. The higher elevation Brantingham trails were excellent, all others were good to excellent as far as coverage but some were bumpy. The railroad tracks had good coverage all the way from north of Big Moose Station to Forestport with a little rail showing on the section along Rt. 28. Part of the RR is closed and you have to detour on trail 6. The feeder canal towpath from Forestport to Boonville was getting thin. As predicted, even though the high today was only 29°, the combination of sun and traffic has already almost devastated C7B between Lyons Falls and Burdicks Crossing Road. The section between Stewarts and the railroad bed is mostly dirt now, the railroad bed has marginal coverage with many bare spots. I think the entire trail will be impassable by tomorrow.

Thursday March 15: Several inches of snow have fallen over the past few days. I noticed a significant difference on the C5A railroad trail between Wednesday morning and evening, even though it didn't seem much different here the house. We had had a little more overnight, not much, but higher elevations to the east and north reportedly had a lot more. Don't know about Tug Hill. At the moment the connecting trails between the hill and valley and Adirondacks are open.

Today was partly sunny and 39°. Daytime highs have been above freezing this week so snow that fell on cleared surfaces quickly melted but it accumulated on top of existing snow. At lower/warmer elevations it melted a little and settled significantly but at higher elevations it is deeper. The roads are bare but the snowbanks are huge. Unfortunately plows have tossed a lot of dirt on the banks in some places. If you care to do some technical riding you can get off the bare road about 80% of the way between Glenfield and Van Arnum Road.

Brantingham has been out grooming. The trails I rode today were just about perfect. However even though there is a lot of snow and highs are predicted to only be in the 20's the next few days, the sun is quite strong so I think trail surfaces will soften up and they will not stand up well to heavy weekend traffic.

Tuesday March 13: 8 PM. It has been snowing here off and on since last night. Accumulation a few inches. But the temperatures was at or above freezing all day and it is only down 28 at 10 PM. Roads are mostly bare. There may be enough snow now to ride on the railroad trail (C7B/C8A) but there is really no base. Please check with clubs before riding to see if lower trails are officially open or not.

Sunday March 4: Temperature dropped to 29° overnight, 31° at noon. No additional snow.

Saturday March 3: Temperature 36° today, still 33° at 9 PM. Roads bare, snow melting. Fields along Rt. 12 partially bare. Weekend traffic will kill any lower elevation trail that was temporarily opened after the storm. Much of the C7B (railroad) trail from Stewarts is already snirt and rocks. All days next week predicted to be above freezing.

Friday March 2: Approximately 9" new snow in Glenfield but over mostly unfrozen and bare ground. It was 60° on Thursday and 45° on Friday. High winds probably caused blowdown on trails. Temperature steady at 28° for the past 24 hours. No significant cold expected. Check with clubs to see if any valley trails are open before riding.

Saturday February 24: The melt down continued all week. All lower elevation trails are down to dirt and closed. Most fields are bare, even in Turin and C'ville. It looks more like late March or early April Some seasonal roads at higher elevations may be ridable but expect bare spots, water, and no grooming.

Saturday February 17: No snow overnight. High 32° today. Brantingham trails reported good today. As usual, good company and great food at the Brantingham Snomads open house.

Friday February 16: Another mostly warm week with a mid-week high of 53° and some rain. Temperature dropped below freezing by about 6 PM and there were snow flurries but no significant accumulation. 19° at 11 PM and predicted to be relatively cold on Sayrday but no signifncant snow expected, Roads are all bare. Trails in the valley are still open but are very thin. If the weekend traffic doesn't kill them off, the next warm up starting Sunday and continuing all week with rain and highs in the 50s will. Brantingham Winterfest is this weekend. Parade at 11 AM Saturday. and open house at the Snomads groomer barn following the parade.

Monday February 12: Mixed precipitation with about 4 hours of rain in the valley Saturday. Then More warm temperatures and mixed precipitation Sunday with a high near 40°. Then temperature deropped overnight. 27° at 10 AM. There is lots of snow but also lots of ice. Main roads are mostly clear and snowbanks are hard.

Friday February 2: Temperature up and down all week. Some rain and melting, then cold with a bit of snow. Overall, a bit more snow loss and ice creation from last week. Very cold last 24 hours but no snow.

Friday January 26: Cold after the Tuesday rain but no new snow in the valley. Trails still closed. Higher elevations are OK.

Tuesday January 23: Above freezing last couple of days. Rain last 24+ hours. Roads are bare. Snowbanks have tons of sand on top. Fields are partially bare. Trails in the Black River Valley are shot and closed. Respect private landowners. Stay off closed trails or they will be permanently lost.

Thursday January 18: It has been spitting snow all week but only a few inches accumulation. Temperatures moderated from the extreme cold of the weekend but remained below freezing with highs in the low 20s. I have not been out riding so I can't give you a detailed trail report. Roads in Glenfield have snow on the edges and snowbanks are soft enough to be ridable.

Sunday January 14: Approximately 6" new snow in Glenfield on Saturday morning. Temperature dropped and has remained very cold. -16 this morning, back to -15 at 11:30 PM. Some trails open, others closed and still flooded. Even though it has been very cold, there is no way that flooded trails are frozen and safe. Check with clubs. Know before you go. Still very high water levels on streams and rivers, and lots of standing water. Black River was higher than I've ever seen it including during spring runoff.. Many roads still closed in the county.

Friday January 12: Heavy rain and temperature above 45° Thursday night had devastated the snowpack by Friday morning,. Any place that was plowed or cleared was bare even if there was several inches of packed snow on it yesterday. There was lots of standing water. It just got worse all day. Temperature rose to 54° and rain continued. Sheriff issued a no unnecessary travel order. There has been flash flooding, mudslides, blocks of ice on roads including Route 12, and related water problems. Some roads are closed. Temperature started dropping around 6 PM. Rain changed to freezing rain then mixed with snow. At 11 PM it is down to 19°. Brantingham Snnomads have officially closed all trails. Many other clubs have closed some or all. No one has been out to inspect trails. In the morning we may be dealing with cleanup of a lot of accumulated ice and snow. Emergency crews are dealing with flooded and blocked roads, flooded basements, etc. Inspecting and cleaning up s nowmobile trails will not be the first priority. Even though the forecast is for very cold temperatures it may take a few days before some trails are passable even for inspection.

Thursday January 11: 44° at 6PM. Only light rain overnight last night. Snow slid off roof, melted off plowed streets, etc. but so far no major destruction of the snowpack. Still 2 feet + in the yard. Unfortunately the major warm up and rain is yet to come. Webcam offline due to some Windows glitch. should be back tomorrow. Eventually I am going to switch it to Linux and eliminate the problem with flaky unreliable Windows.

Monday January 8: Snowed all day but only a couple inches accumulation. 30° this afternoon. Heat wave compared to yesterday. Low temperature was -30° in the morning. Warmed up to +16° by the evening and didn't go down significantly overnight.

Saturday January 6: -25° at 11 PM. High of -4°. Took a short ride up to the Otter Creek Truck Trail and back this afternoon. Great conditions but too cold for a long ride without working hand and thumb warmers.

Wednesday January 3: Nice day today. I measured actual snow depth of 19" in the yard.

Tuesday December 26: Close to 2 feet of snow has fallen since the end of the Saturday warm-up, and it is still coming down. Once it settles and gets packed and groomed it will make for a solid base, but right now it is getting close to bottomless powder riding. I didn't encounter too much water on my Saturday ride but I avoided the known bad water holes. Sunday was not very cold. I am sure this snow has insulated the remaining water. Even 0° air temperature won't quickly freeze water under 2 feet of snow but it will immediately freeze the slush on your skis and in your track. Use caution.

Saturday December 23: It rained all morning and early afternoon. Snow was pretty much washed and/or melted off all cleared surfaces. It was raining, roads were clear, and the temperature was 37°at 2 PM when I went to the Town Hall Theater in Lowville to see Star Wars. But when I exited the theater some time after 4PM it was a different world. An inch of snow on everything, and snowing moderately. Snow tapered off by 7 PM at which time the temperature was about 25°. Although there was only a couple of inches of new snow in the valley, I decided to go for a short snowmobile ride. Turned out to be much better than expected and I was out for about an hour and a half. I made a loop down the railroad bed to Burdick's Crossing, up Middle Road to Brantingham, Down Van Arnum and up the Otter Creek Truck Trail, rode around Confusion Flats a bit, and back to Glenfield. In Confusion Flats there is about 3 inches of new snow. It appears the base held up pretty well, the rain didn't melt all the snow from two days ago, and there was a lot less standing water than I anticipated. There is not enough new snow to groom, but if the next storm hits as predicted on Christmas eve, grooming can commence and trails should be pretty good after they set up. Use caution especially until groomers get out. There was a big tree down on the Otter Creek Truck Trail and a few smaller branches in other spots. And please, if you must ride a freshly-groomed trail, be extra gentle on the throttle. The trail needs several hours to set up. It only takes a few 'aggressive riders' to totally destroy hours of grooming in a few minutes.

Friday December 22: At 1:30, 24° and 5" of new snow on top of frozen ground and a few inches of old hard snow. Minimal base on trails. Unfortunately rain predicted on Saturday.

Thursday December 14: Clear skies and a low of zero degrees at 8 AM. Sunny and high of 15 yesterday. No new snow.

Tuesday December 12: (6 PM) Just returned from a ride to Lyons Falls, opening the gates on C7B. Gates on C7B "the back way" up the hill Lyons Falls to Brantingham are still closed. The Tucker turned around at Stewarts while I was getting gas.

Even though there is over a foot of new snow and the groomer made two passes on the railroad bed, my skis were still clanging on rocks on the way back to Glenfield. There is no base, the greound is not frozen, and this snow is just not packing. If you ride, go easy on the throttle.

As I was headed back I watched two wanna-be racer assholes on piped-up sleds ignore the STOP signs and even worse tryed jumping over the driveways at the Edge. Needless to say these idiots trashed the freshly groomed trail all the way back to where they passed the groomer.

When you happen on a freshly groomed trail, you should always go easy because the snow needs time to set up.

One or two throttle jockys can destroy hours of hard work in minutes. They ruin the trail for everyone else, but they are just ignorant sociopaths who don't care about anything or anyone. Paying a measly $45 registration fee and a $35 club membership doesn't give anyone the right to trash the trails. If you want to race, man up and go race on a race track. Don't ruin snowmobiling for the rest of us.

I spent several hours today opening these trails and other volunteers will be out until late tonight after working all day, grooming instead of having dinner with the family, relaxing, and getting to bed at a resaonable hour. The low lifes who tear up trails like this just disrespect all of us who volunteer.

(noon) More snow overnight and still snowing. Travel Advisory issued by Sheriff's department this morning. Gates on C7B railroad trail still closed. Check with Turin Ridge Riders before attempting to ride between the valley and the hill. Respect private landowners.

Monday December 11: It may look like there is a lot of snow but it is all fluff and there is zero base. I rode up the snowbanks towards Brantingham. It was slow going on Van Arnum Road because although there were several inches of snow my skis were still clanging on stones most of the time. I got as far as the Blueberry trail intersection and turned around because the snow was not getting any deeper. Trails in the valley are still not open.

Saturday December 9: No additional snow in the valley. Trails not open. Went to Brantingham Snomads meeting this morning. Only 2" snow in Brantingham. Wenf for a nice cross country ski around the golf course afterwards, but not enough snow to ski anywhere else, much less ride.

Thursday December 7: Yes there is snow in the valley but not much. The ground underneath is not frozen at all and the temperature is 32° at 10 AM. There is not enough to ride at this time.

Thursday November 23: Happy Thanksgiving. Webcam is up and running at least temporarily. 0~2" of snow on over mostly unfrozen ground. Average temperatures have been just around freezing the last few days. Remember trails do not open until after the end of hunting season or when private landowners say so.

Monday November 20, 2017: It's getting close to the start of the snowmobiling season. Last year it was 62 on November 18. This year it's been colder the last few days but not consistently below freezing. We've just had the first real lake effect snow, but it fell on top of rain. The ground is soggy and definitely not well frozen even on the hill. Sun and temperature of 50 is predicted tomorrow. Best this all melts and then we get a cold week or two before more snow. The base will be much better. Trails on public land do not open until after the end of big game hunting season and on private land until the landowner says so, even if there is snow. Check with the local clubs before riding.

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About this page: I will report trail or general snow conditions based on direct observation or reliable reports when I get the chance. I do not expect to be doing it on a daily basis. If you would like to contact me, click here. I may or may not be able to give you more information.

By the way, if you like slower riding, backcountry trails, deep snow, and technical riding, rather than long-distance/high speed, drop me a note. I am always looking for people to ride with.

New York State Snowmobile Laws - OPRHP
New York State Laws pertaining to Snowmobiles - Search at NYS info site
Those Grand Old Burma Shave Road Signs ... Remember these? Burma Shave signs were small red signs with white letters.
Five signs, about 100 feet apart, each containing 1 line of a 4 line couplet......and the obligatory 5th sign advertising
Burma Shave, a popular shaving cream.   Here are a few, Adapted for snowmobiling.
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